Christmas is Coming

Christmas is almost upon us again.  I know Halloween is just a week away and we still have to get to Thanksgiving, but I need to start making my Christmas gifts.  We’d like to go for a low key, homemade Christmas.  I really should start the crafting earlier in the year, but everything gets in the way.  So, gift boxes, crocheted items and handmade soaps for everyone.  Another reason we’d like to run things this way is so that we can save money for our eventual move to the Pacific Northwest.  We look at houses all the time and are very much looking forward to leaving Utah and starting new memories in a different environment.  There’s the old saying that no matter where you go, there you are.  Well, we aren’t planning on leaving to get away from ourselves.  We have both lived here for so very long that we’d like a new adventure, kiddo hasn’t been able to travel much due to scheduling and other family issues.  A new state, a new climate and a different social and political atmosphere is what we are looking for.  It will almost be like moving to a new country.  Utah can be it’s own little sovereignty because the politics and religion are so intertwined.  Besides, if the west coast is going to secede from the US, I’d like to be on the other side of the border.

I also want to go for mine and my family’s health.  Winter in this valley is going to kill us if we have to stay longer.   The pollution is getting worse and worse and the influx of people isn’t going to help in the next few years.  More cars, more pollution, less breathing capacity.  Also, the dry air is hell on my sinuses and skin.  Looking forward to more humidity without the disgustingly high temperatures.  40 degrees in January?  I think I can handle that.

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